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This program is 11.75 CDP hours

Thursday 8 March - Pre Conference Workshops

Time Session
 9.00 - 17.00 Management of Extraction Sockets – Hands-on Workshop with Pig Jaws  
Pre-implantological and / or pre-prosthetic surgical techniques for reliable treatment outcome
Dr Karl-Ludwig Ackermann
Brought to you by Geistlich 
Venue: Golden Ballroom North

11.00 - 12.30 DPL seminar series - Sliding Doors "Dirty stories"
Brought to you by DPLA 
Venue: Golden Ballroom Centre

  1800 -1930 Welcome reception amongst the exhibition
Venue: Pan Pacific Perth

Kindly sponsored by Dentsply Sirona

Workshop details

Management of Extraction Sockets – Hands-on Workshop with Pig Jaws
Pre-implantological and / or pre-prosthetic surgical techniques for reliable treatment outcome
Dr Karl-Ludwig Ackermann 

Brought to you by Geistlich
6 hours CPD

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: Pan Pacific Perth

Today, implants are getting more and more a prerequisite for a satisfactory perio-prosthetic rehabilitations outcome. Tooth loss is always related with bone loss. To achieve a reliable and stable implant success rates, in many cases, hard and/or soft tissue augmentation procedures are required. Pre-implantological augmentation procedures or defect contouring and filling simultaneously to implant placement are the concepts of choice. Socket preservation is performed to maintain bone and soft tissues prior to conventional or implant based prosthetic therapy.

Objectives: The program will cover all the necessities for a successful socket and ridge preservation treatment, augmentation procedures and in addition it will demonstrate the needs of a perfect soft tissue management

1. Atraumatic extraction
2. Straight forward Socket and Ridge Preservation
3. Protocol for application of biomaterials (within the fresh socket)
4. Open healing with application of membrane
5. Socket sealing techniques
6. Soft tissue grafts
7. Collagen matrix technique
8. Soft tissue management
- Incision techniques and flap designs
- Pouch technique
- Tunnel technique

Registration as part of the conference registration process.

Hands-on places limited to 20 delegates
ASP Member $895 ($795 Early Bird prior to Thursday 1 February)
Non Member $995 ($895 Early Bird prior to Thursday 1 February)

Dental Protection Sliding Doors Seminar Series - "Dirty stories"


1.5 hours CPD

Time: 11.00am – 12.30pm
Venue: Pan Pacific Perth

Dental Protection will be running their Sliding Doors seminar, Dirty Stories, on Thursday 8 March as part of the ASP pre-conference program. This event is free to all Dental Protection members and can be booked directly through their website. Non-members are welcome to attend for a fee.

2015 saw infection control in dentistry catapulted into mainstream culture due to widely publicised infection control breaches in NSW. Dirty Stories will look at the risks to the practitioner of an infection control breach, and answer the oft asked questions; does it really matter is there is a breach? and, are all breaches equally as bad?

The Dental Protection "Sliding Doors" Seminar Series began in February 2015 in Brisbane and has been presented in major cities as well as regional areas of Australia over the past few years. Dates have also been released for Tasmania and Sydney in 2018.

The aim is to provide practitioners with the skills to handle difficult situations and to put them in control, based on a better understanding of the complexities involved.

The five different scenarios covered over the course of the Sliding Doors seminar series are:
1. Why didn't you say so? Consent
2. Which side are we on? Wrong tooth, wrong site
3. Gob smacked. Allegation of rough handling or abuse
4. Stretching the boundary. Working beyond the scope of practice
5. Dirty stories. Infection control breach

The series provides a fresh take on the key factors surrounding consent, communication and record keeping. The importance of each of these factors in the outcome of an incident, claim or allegation will be highlighted.

* Dental Protection members attend free as a benefit of membership
* Non-members to pay $220 at the event (online payment not available)

If you are not already a Dental Protection member, email membership@dpla.com.au to confirm your interest in receiving further information and booking details.

Please note, while an attendance fee of $220 per person applies to registered practitioner non-members, this can be offset against your membership if taken before 30 June in the relevant year of renewal.

Click here for more information.


Friday 9 March

Time Session
8.00 Registration desk open
8.15 8.45 Pre session tea and coffee
Kindly sponsored by Oral-B
8.45 – 9.00 Dr Fritz Heitz
Venue: Golden Ballroom North
9.00 – 9.45 Moderator: Dr Fritz Heitz
Venue: Golden Ballroom North

Prof Bjorn Klinge
Diagnostics in perio: saliva as a carrier of biologic information
9.45 – 10.30 Prof Giovanni Salvi 
Advances in non-surgical management of periodontal disease
10.30 – 10.45 Q+A
10.45 – 11.15      Morning tea
Kindly sponsored by Geistlich Pharma
11.15 – 12.00 Moderator: Assoc Prof Alessandro Quaranta
Venue: Golden Ballroom North

Dr Jeanie Suvan
Periodontal diseases and masticatory performance
12.00- 12.45 Prof Bernard Koong
Photon guns - Which one to use today
12.45 – 13.00      Q+A
13.00- 14.00 Lunch
   Parallel 1
Moderator: Dr Amy Hope
Venue: Golden Ballroom North  
Parallel 2
Moderator: Dr Anna Hughes
Venue: Golden Ballroom South
14.00 – 14.30 Prof Saso Ivanovski
Periodontal tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Dr Jeanie Suvan
Keys to periodontal risk
14.30 – 15.00 Dr Michael Danesh-Meyer 
Success in soft tissue grafting
Dr Ahmed Saleh 
Periodontal prognosis: To extract or not? The answer is ...
15.00 – 15.15 Q+A Q+A
15.15 – 15.45 Afternoon tea
Kindly sponsored by Geistlich Pharma
15.45 – 16.15 Moderator: Prof Lisa Heitz Mayfield
Venue: Golden Ballroom North

Prof Giovanni Salvi 
Risk control for periodontal implant candidates
16.15 – 16.45 Prof Bjorn Klinge    
Use and misuse of systemic antibiotics
16.45 – 17.00 Q+A
1900 – 2230 Conference dinner
Venue: Fraser's Kings Park
Dress: Formal 

Saturday 10 March

Time Session 
8.00 Registration desk open
8.15 General Meeting
8.30 9.00 Pre session tea and coffee
Kindly sponsored by Oral-B
9.00 – 9.45 Moderator: Dr Wendy Gill
Venue: Golden Ballroom North

Prof Bjorn Klinge
Guidelines for periodontal treatment – The Swedish way
9.45  10.30 Prof Paul Abbott
Perio-Endo – getting to the root of the problem
10.30 10.45 Q& A
10.45 11.15 Morning tea
Kindly sponsored by Nobel Biocare
  Parallel 1
Moderator: Dr Melanie McAlpine
Venue: Golden Ballroom North
Parallel 2
Moderator: Cherie Rayner
Venue: Golden Ballroom South
11.15 11.45 Dr Graham Carmichael
Prosthodontic reconstructions for the perio patient
Dr Janina Christoforou
Oral medicine strategies. What to refer and when

11.45  12.15
Dr David Grossberg
Crown Lengthening for Retention and Aesthetic
Dr Jeanie Suvan
Primary prevention- Biofilm control
12.15 12.30 Q+A Q+A
12.30 13.30 Lunch
13.30 14.00 Moderator: Derrick Lee 
Venue: Golden Ballroom North

Dr Wendy Gill   
Lasers in periodontal treatment
Moderator: Dr Ahmed Saleh 
Venue: Golden Ballroom South

Dr Karl-Ludwig Ackermann
Augmentation in periodontal patients
14.00 14.30 Prof Giovanni Salvi         
Management of peri- implantitis
Dr Jane McCarthy
The ortho perio partnership
14.30 15.00 Prof Bjorn Klinge
Virtual planning and pre-op prosthodontics in implant dentistry
Moderator: Derrick Lee
Venue: Golden Ballroom North
15.00 15.30 Afternoon tea
Kindly sponsored by Nobel Biocare
15.30 16.30 Dr Glen Liddelow, Prof Lisa Heitz Mayfield, Prof Giovanni Salvi, Prof Bjorn Klinge, Dr Jeanie Suvan, Dr Graham Carmichael,
Dr Karl-Ludwig Ackermann

Panel Discussion 
Moderator: Dr Glen Liddelow & Prof Lisa Heitz Mayfield
Venue: Golden Ballroom North
 16.30 Conference close

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P: (03) 379 0390

E: terri@conference.co.nz